Verify Profile

Want to get your profile verified?

Profile verification is a proprietary service of TalentsinAfrica where a team of career coaches review profiles of active job seekers and give them our stamp of approval. Our team of experts review all of the information on your profile, including your personal, education, and employment histories, as well as your skills and abilities, and references to verify their validity. This service is currently available to job seekers who have gone through work readiness programs at Africa Internship Academy or at any of our partner organisations.

All verified profiles have a verified indicator on their profile and show up in the first 20 results in every candidate search. It is proven that recruiters are interested in job seekers who have gone through additional work readiness training and whose profiles are accurate and pre-qualified.

If you are a recruiter, our verified profile tool was specifically developed for you and with you in mind. All job seekers with a Verified badge have gone through work readiness programs with either Africa Internship Academy or one of our partner organizations. We make sure career coaches personally review job seekers’ personal information, skills assessment, do background checks on each applicant, and call each reference provided by the job seekers, saving you time and countless recruiting resources.

Get A Verified Profile?

We encourage job seekers to get Verified badges on their profile because many recruiters are more comfortable with employing job seekers who have gone through unique and innovative programs designed to enhance essential employability skills for those preparing for employment. This is exactly what we do at TalentsinAfrica job connect. To get verified badge on your profile you need to attend one of our job connect sessions.

At TalentsinAfrica job connect, we take job seekers through a series of workshops, role plays, and workplace manners. Book a seat now!