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Create Beautiful Career Pages

Create a Careers Page for your company in 60 seconds. Our auto-updating, mobile friendly Careers Pages gives you full control of your employer brand.

Hire Collaboratively

Engage your team in the recruitment process. Transparent communication, 2-way email sync and an intuitive interface keeps everyone up to speed. Engage your external recruiters via Talents in Africa to keep your candidates and prospects in one place.

Beautiful Job Postings

Publish your job opening adverts to over 100,000 people in Africa. Talents in Africa's inbuilt social sharing tool helps you to reach candidates instantly. Share your jobs to multiple social accounts, pages, and groups. All with one click.

Manage Your Talents

Recruiting is much more than picking Candidate A over Candidate B. In fact, a large chunk of a company's resources are spent on sourcing, interviewing, selecting and training. Talents in Africa provides comprehensive reports to guide and accelerate your hiring process so that you make the right call every time.

Source Talents

You can't make a great hire without great candidates in your hiring pipeline. Search millions of online CVs in Africa. Find candidates fast, based on skills, keywords or location and save hours of research time. Browse rich candidate profiles and reach out with a personalized email. Powerful sourcing tools let you optimize your efforts and track performance.

Track Interviews Effectively

Track all your scheduled interviews and the progress of candidates efficiently to get the best hire. Provide your interviewers with everything they need in an Interview Kit.

Skill Verification for Agencies and Headhunters


The simplest way to check a candidate is to ask relevant questions for the job they apply for. This way the company you work with is guaranteed to hire good specialists.

  • Ask candidates the right questions
  • Learn how they assess their skills
  • Unlimited Hiring team Collaboration
  • Create Company Career Page
  • Accept Online Applications
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Send Notification for Interview